Creative writing resources


Creative writing is not only fun, it also holds many benefits for your learners. It broadens their imagination and increases cognitive thinking. They might not initially agree with the ‘fun’ part, but they will soon discover how much more satisfaction they reap from writing than just vegetating in front of the TV.

We have a whole heap of excellent resources to help you. Take a look and find the ones that best suit your learners.

Intermediate phase


Creative Story Writing COMPLETE UNIT to use with GOOGLE CLASSROOM (9-14 years)


This DIGITAL resource contains a link to make a copy of the resource directly into your Google Drive. It is fully editable and can be shared with your students via Google Classroom. The resource consists of 150 editable slides and at least 6 months of work. Creative Story Writing is the essential guide for all students wanting to develop their literacy skills and improve their grades in English assignments and examinations. This resource will guide students through the story writing process. This resource is designed to help the students with thinking up ideas, providing starting points for writing, structuring and organising their writing into paragraphs. It features writing a good introduction with characters, setting and plot, building up suspense and winding up the plot with a suitable resolution. Attention is given to making writing more interesting by varying sentence types, using punctuation and good grammar. The students will investigate different narrative structures for writing stories, exploring various viewpoints so they can decide if they write in first or third person. They will learn to evoke mood and atmosphere by using good vocabulary. Creative Story Writing includes an exciting range of model answers and sample texts written by children and provides many practice questions to test them. Common errors made by students are highlighted and corrected. It is packed with vital hints and tips on gaining those top grades. Creative Story Writing has been written by an experienced teacher and tutor and written with the needs of children in mind. This book concentrates specifically and in depth on Creative Writing, providing everything needed to stimulate a child to write imaginatively. It is specifically targeted at children aged 9-14 years. Please note: preview shows pages taken from the pdf version.