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Learning doesn’t have to be boring! Whether you’re at home or at school, keep your children engaged with these educational puzzles. This collection includes Language, Mathematics, logic and problem-solving fun and challenging puzzles.

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IsiZulu "Jobs People Do" puzzle matching cards


This resource is made up of 27 sets of matching puzzle cards to go with the theme "Occupations" or "Jobs People do". In each set is a picture of a person representing a job /career and a picture of an object, vehicle or place that would be associated with that job /career. For example, a firefighter matches to a fire engine, a scientist to a microscope and a lifeguard to the beach. This activity is great to help improve vocabulary and also allows for children to organise the knowledge that they have by sorting and matching the object, vehicle or place with the job/career. For ones they children don't know, this helps to build their general knowledge. The central cutting line for the cards are made up of different curves and zigzags. There are some cards that use the same pattern. I recommend laminating the puzzles for durability. Shuffle the cards around and get the children to put the sets together. Some Discussion ideas Talk about the different careers or jobs that people do. Discuss how the jobs that people do can help us with things that we may need. Talk about the jobs that family members have. Ask the question, “What job do you want to have when you are older? Why?” Please note that I do not speak isiZulu and have tried my best through many hours of research to create resources that can benefit children learning in their home language. I also wanted to provide learners who are learning isiZulu as a first or second additional language, with resources that can aid them in learning this language in a fun way. Please contact me should you have any questions, changes or suggestions.