Junior Primary Resources for the Year

Junior Primary Resource Bundles for the Whole Year  Teacha!

Snapplify has the books and Teacha! provides all the supplementary resources that you need to set your children up for success. We’ve curated a collection of the best Junior Primary resources for the year, saving you time and ensuring your child is fully prepared. Set your children up for success and watch them thrive throughout their academic journey.

Looking for Afrikaans teaching resources? Blaai deur die Junior Primêr Hulpmiddels vir die Jaar versameling hier.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Grade R


A Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum - 32 Thematic Units


Introducing our comprehensive Toddler Curriculum, a treasure trove of engaging and educational resources designed specifically for toddlers. With 32 thematic units, this curriculum provides a rich and varied learning experience that supports toddlers' growth and development across multiple domains.

Each thematic unit is carefully crafted to capture toddlers' curiosity and imagination while promoting their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills. From animals to colors, seasons to transportation, and much more, these units cover a wide range of topics that resonate with toddlers' interests and experiences.

Inside each unit, you will find a wealth of resources to facilitate meaningful and interactive learning. Our curriculum includes age-appropriate activities, games, songs, crafts, and hands-on experiences that spark joy and excitement in toddlers. These activities are designed to enhance language development, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving abilities, social interactions, and creativity.

Additionally, our Toddler Curriculum places great emphasis on fostering positive relationships between toddlers and their caregivers. We provide guidance and suggestions on how to create nurturing and stimulating environments at home or in early childhood settings, promoting warm and responsive interactions that support toddlers' overall well-being.

The curriculum also offers flexibility and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of toddlers. It provides options for both structured and child-led activities, allowing caregivers to tailor the learning experiences based on individual interests, abilities, and developmental stages.

With our Toddler Curriculum, you can feel confident in providing a comprehensive and engaging learning journey for the toddlers in your care. It serves as a valuable resource for parents, educators, and childcare providers seeking to create meaningful and developmentally appropriate experiences for toddlers.

Start exploring the wonders of early learning with our Toddler Curriculum - 32 Thematic Units today. Together, let's nurture the love of learning in our little ones and set them on a path of discovery and growth.

Each lesson revolves around the following:

  • Warm-up play
  • Gathering and settling
  • Welcome Songs
  • Preview & Circle Time
  • Creative Play Stations
  • Home Play

We also provide a Parents handout, Lesson Plan, Vocabulary Sheet, Playgroup Materials Checklist.





Boys & Girls




Car & Buses

Cats & Dogs


Doctors & Nurses


Family Love

Farm Animals







Letter Carrier

Nursery Rhymes




Teddy Bears

Trains & Planes






Grade 1

Grade 3


Grade 3 Homeschooling Admin Bundle - Free Writing Pre-cursive and Writing Skills


Grade 3 Homeschooling Bundle. Includes 40 pages of learner portfolio labels for English HL, Afrikaans FAL, Mathematics, Life Skills, Life Orientation, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Technology, EMS, Creative Arts etc. File Dividers for Teachers and Home School parents to help make home education filing easier. Colour co-ordinated to go with the DiversiLearn Portfolios and Book Covers. Workbook covers for all of the CAPS subjects for Grade 3. Subjects are colour-coded: English Home Language is Blue, Afrikaans First Additional Language is Orange, Life Skills is Golden Yellow, and Mathematics is Green. Covers are designed to co-ordinate with the Foundation Phase Portfolios. Subject Portfolios: English (HL) Portfolio, an Afrikaans (FAL) Portfolio, a Mathematics Portfolio and a Life Skills Portfolio (Including Personal and Social Well-being, Creative Arts and Physical Education sections) with the New CAPS weightings. Each of the subject areas has a cover page, a contents page and a record of marks page. It is suitable to be used in both home education and school settings. Six teacher file covers with an editable name section, so you can type in your own name. Includes an Admin File Cover with editable name section, A Teaching File Cover with editable name section, and a Teacher Portfolio File Cover with an editable name section. File covers are for the Foundation Phase (Grades 1-3 and for the Intersen Phase (Grade 4-7). Free Writing Pre-cursive and Writing Skills Book Foxy's Remedial