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Valentines Day Resources  Teacha!

Valentine’s Day is a highlight on the school calendar.  It’s a great excuse to bust out the paper and glue and get crafty. Lead your learners into being creative and hone those fine motor skills!

Below we have a collection of lovely Valentine’s Day resources that will not only keep your class busy, but it will also open up an opportunity to discuss love and friendship. Chat to your kids about gifts that go beyond materialism, such as respect, kindness, time, generosity and thoughtfulness. They will quickly learn that “I love you” means so much more than heart-shaped balloons and chocolates.

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Valentine's Day Activities | Banner | Love Letter/Book


Valentine's Day is a great day to focus on love! These activities are perfect for students both individually and in teams to encourage creativity! The download includes: - A "I love that I - have, am, can" poster To create a love board within your classroom - A get to know me poster "What do I love?" Get your students to get to know each better by either drawing or writing the answers and sharing them in class while coloring in the love bugs. - My Heart Map Draw what is near to your heart. - Valentine Banner (My personal favorite) Here is where the students get creative to decorate the classroom and draw, color and display their heart! - Love Letter / Book Each student gets an envelope to create their special creations which can be in the form of writing or drawing. Staple their creations to their envelope to flip through. Make sure you make it fun and exciting. You can also bring magazine or pictures if they would like to cut out and stick on their favorites. The downloaded file is in a pdf format. Please make sure you can open this file format before you purchase it. All images are B&W (excluding cover page) suitable for your printing and creative needs. ************************************************************************** Terms of Use All content in this product is the copyrighted property of Miss Chanel. You are granted permission to use this product for your personal and non-commercial use. You may not sell, trade, share or redistribute this product in any form. You may not create a derivative work and claim it as your own. If you have any questions regarding terms of use please contact me on Instagram. ************************************************************************** Thank you for visiting my store!


Valentines Day Equivalent Fractions Activity - Matching - Printable and Digital


Need a Valentines Day activity for practicing equivalent fractions with your kiddos that will be fun and engaging? This math memory matching game is perfect for getting your students focused on equivalent fractions! Printable and digital versions of the activity are both included, so you can choose the format that best suits your needs!
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If you choose to use the printable version of this game, prep includes printing, laminating and cutting.
I have included cards with fractions represented in different ways. You can use them in any combination you wish - whether by printing 2 sets of the same version, or different versions that you mix and match. The choice is up to you, so you can cater to the specific needs and level of your students!
You can also adjust the difficulty level by using more or less cards at a time!
If you choose to use the digital PowerPoint game, which has 5 different difficulty levels, there is no prep required!
This fun Valentine's Day Fractions Matching Game includes:
  • Clickable contents for easy navigation
  • Teacher information
  • 3 versions of all printable cards - donuts, symbols and donuts with symbols
  • Black and White printing options
  • Digital PowerPoint game options, matching: donuts to donuts, donuts with symbols to donuts with symbols and symbols to symbols
  • 5 difficulty levels in the PowerPoint games - Very easy (6 cards), Easy (8 cards), Medium (12 cards), Difficult (16 cards) and Very difficult (20 cards)
  • The PowerPoint game also has 1 player and 2 player options!
Your kiddos will love practicing equivalent fractions with this fun Valentine's Day themed matching game!
Please note:
  • The digital options for this product are in a Google Drive folder. You will receive a link to access this folder so that you can download these resources if you wish to use them.
  • The PowerPoint game unfortunately will not work on Google Slides.
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PowerPoint is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies.

Thank you so much,
Colleen Schwartz

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