Grade 7 Term 4 Exam Resources

Grade 7 Term 4 exam resources  Teacha!

These outstanding Grade 7 Term 4 exam resources contain everything you need to prepare your students for their final exams. The collection features summaries, assessments, and exams for all CAPS subject areas ensuring that your students are well-equipped to ace their final exams and advance to high school.

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Social Sciences - History


Gr.7 History Bundle pack Terms 1-4 Powerpoint & PDF summaries


SAVE 30% with this bundle pack of Gr.7 History full year Terms 1-4 summaries with beautiful educational illustrations and additional PDF summary to print. Suitable for use in class, or for test/exam preparation. Kids love studying for exams with fun and colorful illustrations of these slideshows and summaries! The Powerpoint slideshow can be used as an interactive tool by teachers in the classroom. The PDF summary can be printed by the teacher and distributed to learners in the class for test/exam preparation. Learners who purchase the Powerpoint can also study and use it at home themselves, or with the help of their parents, to understand or memorize content. Included (Pptx and PDF for each): Term 1: The Kingdom of Mali Term 2: The Transatlantic Slave Trade Term 3: Cape Colony Colonization Term 3: Colonization of Cape Colony Term 4: Collaboration and conflict Cape Colony The PDF Summaries are suitable for printing for learners for 1 classroom, or all learners in the family. (Printer friendly) Note: The requirements for tests / exams vary by school, the slideshow can be adjusted accordingly. ALLOWABLE USE: This product may be used: - By 1 teacher in 1 classroom. The PDF summaries may be printed for learners of 1 classroom. - In households: All children in 1 household may use the product. No part of this product may be resold. No illustrations may be used for commercial purposes. Thank you for your interest and please contact me if you have any queries Venita Oberholster EXTENDED DETAILS OF PRODUCT: THIS PRODUCT IS A COLLECTION OF SEVERAL QUARTERLY SUMMARIES. Free Gr. 7 History Quarter 1 Worksheet included, EXTENDED DETAILS OF CONTENT Term 1: The Kingdom of Mali and the city of Timbuktu • Unit 1.1: Trade across the Sahara desert • Unit 1.2: The Kingdom of Mali • Unit 1.3: The City of Timbuktu Term 2: The Transatlantic Slave Trade • Unit 2.1: West Africa before the European slave trade • Unit 2.2: The nature of slavery in West Africa before the arrival of European traders • Unit 2.3: Slavery in the American South • Unit 2.4: The impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade on slaves • Unit 2.5: The Impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade on Economies Term 3: Colonization of Cape Colony 17th to 18th Centuries • Unit 3.1: Indigenous inhabitants of the Cape 17th Century • Unit 3.2: Dutch settlement • Unit 3.3: Consequences for the Dutch Term 4: Collaboration and conflict on frontiers of Cape Colony early 19th Century • Unit 4.1: Arrival of the British and expanding frontiers of European settlement • Unit 4.2. The Eastern Frontier of European Settlement • Unit 4.3: The Northern Frontier of European Settlement