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The book, A Simple Illustrated Series For Children, is a guidebook that helps to teach your children how to make descriptive conversations in Yoruba language.

The book is in a series that goes from series I to IV. The Yòrùbá words are written in basic Conversational style which will make it easily. readable for the young reader.

It is important for parents and puardians to join so as to help the reader out when necessary. It also improves bonding when you read out with your child.

This is the first series, Book I. Watch out for the others:

Book I: Ebi MI (My family)

Book II: Ile Iwe MI (My school)

Book III: Adugbo MI (My neighbourhood)

Book IV: Ore MI (My Best Friend)

Book V: Ti Ń Na D’agba (When I Grow Up.)


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