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The Neighborhood Where I Live


This lesson aims to provide students with the opportunity to become familiar with their local neighbourhood and animate their writing skills by describing and reflecting upon their everyday experiences.   This lesson plan is intended to be used with students between the ages of 4-12. It includes different sections, each of which is meant to help children better understand their neighbourhood and their place in it. The introduction gives a brief overview of what you will be doing in the lesson, why it's important, and how parents/teachers can help out with this activity.   The neighbourhood where I live is a combination of old and new houses, with gardens and wide pavements. The streets are very clean, there are lots of shops and restaurants, but also some empty spaces. The house that I live in is on the second floor: there is a lift in it. I am the only family member who lives in this flat.  I really like living here because it’s close to the university so I can easily go to lectures and to get some books from the library.  Also, it’s not far from my friends’ flats or any public transport like trains or buses, so sometimes we visit each other by taking the bus or metro.  One thing that is not so good about where I live though is that there are too many cars driving through our street and when they honk their horns it can be quite difficult to sleep!   The Neighbourhood Where I Live” Lesson Plan is designed for children in Grades 1 and 2 to practice their language skills. It features a variety of activities that focus on developing language (both oral and written).       Today, we're going to talk about the neighbourhood where you live. It's good to know your neighbours!   What do you like about your neighbourhood? What don't you like? Why do you feel that way?   What would you change if you could? Why?   Do you know everyone in your neighbourhood? Who is your favourite neighbour, and why?   The Neighbourhood Where I Live” Lesson Plan. This lesson plan was developed to talk about what you do in your neighborhood, and have students describe the neighbourhood where they live.   N/B: The teachers can edit it and put their own names on the lesson plan