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This PowerPoint will introduce your learners to multi-meaning words: homophones and homonyms. This PowerPoint explains these concepts and involves fun riddles which your children will have to solve to find the homophone or homonym. This will make learning about homophones both interactive and fun. This 26 slide PowerPoint includes lots of colourful illustrations to help keep your children engaged and interested.  Great for revision and practice.


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Easy to work with and understand.

Shaleen Khan - August 22, 2023


Love the illustrations.

Carin Styles - January 27, 2023

I'm glad you liked it! My learners always loved this lesson.

Mrs Morgie's moments - November 30, -0001

Beautiful resource

This powerpoint is wonderful. I have been looking for more powerpoints that will help my kids and I am so happy I found this one!

Abigail Meeding - September 16, 2022

It was a fun PowerPoint to create. I hope your kids enjoy it. Thank you for your positive feedback. Appreciate it!

Mrs Morgie's moments - August 2, 2022

Powerpoint review

Beautiful PowerPoints! very helpful

Naureen Ismail - September 16, 2022