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Resource Description

22 sets of flash cards [44+ pages, about 3 flash cards per page]

Use these flash cards to review vowel blends and word families containing ai, ay, ie, ee, ea, ow, oi, oy, long a, i, o, u, etc.
Use the flash cards as a display on the board or print sets so that learners can play games such as a memory game or ‘snap’.
Draw a card and make a sentence.
Draw a card, read it, cover it and try to spell it.

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Flash Cards from My Klaskamer - Juffer se winkel

Beautiful colorful pictures, well put together. Will be very helpful.

Ronelle du Preez - November 1, 2023

Thank You so much.

Thank you for giving us this Free cards. It will help alot. Waardeer Dankie

Cess bro - May 3, 2023

You are very welcome. Stop by any time.

Juffer - November 30, -0001

Jackie Fourie - September 16, 2022

Jackie Fourie - September 16, 2022