Resource Description

This CAPS-compliant June exam is drawn up to assist the teacher in administering an up-to-date examination paper based on the Grade 11 curriculum as set out by the GDE in 2022.

It consists of:

  • 3 Sections:
    • Section A – Short questions
    • Section B – 3x Direct and indirect questions (Business Environments and Business Operations)
    • Section C – 2x essay questions (Business Environments and Business Operations)
  • a Bloom-compliant structure that balances as follows:
    • L1 = 33%
    • L2 = 50%
    • L3 = 25%
  • 150 marks for a recommended 120 mins (2 consecutive hours)
  • questions that are based on past papers and commonly-asked questions
  • a memorandum with suggested answers
  • .docx-format documents to allow the teacher to edit as they please

There is another package on my store that includes the Bloom taxonomy spreadsheet for moderation purposes.

Enjoy and remember to check back for any updates or new materials uploaded!

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