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24 Pages of Questions and 24 Pages of Answers

Paper includes:Finding Solutions; Factors; Greatest Common Factor; Lowest Common Multiple; Multiple sequences; Lowest to Highest; Place Values; Prime Factors; Rounding to nearest Digit; Conversions (Ratio, Fraction, Percentage, Decimal); Annual Interest; Compound Interest; Wages; Sequences (Whole Numbers; Numbers and Fractions; Intergers); Converting Values; Calculating square and cube Roots; Division of Whole Numbers and Fractions: Converting Fractions to Decimals; Quotients; Products; Differences; Converting Mixed Fractions to Improper Fractions; Multiplying Numbers and Fractions; Adding and Subtracting Numbers and Fractions; Fractions in their Simplest Form; Input & Output; Problem Solving; Finding Solutions; Scientific Notation; Algebra – Evaluating Expressions & Solving Variables; Counting Tables; Solving Problems; Plotting Co-ordinates; Graphs; Volume & Surface Area; Measuring Angles; Finding Length and Breadth using Pythagorean Theorem; Calculating Percentages; Prime Factors & Prime Numbers: Conversions: Division Wheel; Elapsed Time in hrs, min and sec.

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