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English Home Language Senior Phase Poetry Pack: Study Guide and Worksheets covers:
How to read a poem (A simple explanatory worksheet)
Poetry analysis table 1 (simple analysis with leading to questions to assist understanding of poem)
Poetry analysis table 2 (in depth analysis with inclusion of all potential figures speech for the poem)
Poem forms (worksheet explaining the 4 forms of poetry)
Poem types (a worksheet which breakdown every type of poetry, which sentenced examples for reference.)
SWIFT poem analysis (A form of poetry analysis with an activity, can be used as a group class activity.)
Generic poetry questions (Potential questions for poetry practice, as well as for teachers reference.)
Figures of Speech and Elements of Literature. (A detailed break down of all figures of speech and elements of literature, with definitions and examples for each.)
Activity: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost (5 activities for the poem “The Road Not Taken” with memo.)

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