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This pack includes elements of art posters representing each element:








These colorful posters are educational and will brighten up your classroom.

This poster pack includes 8, easy print, PDF posters. The printable posters measures A3 – 11.7″x16.5″ or can be printed on A4 – 8.3″x11.7″.

A combination of all 7 element of art worksheet. This bundle includes handouts and worksheets covering the seven elements of art. Perfect for middle and high school students. It includes:


➢ Types of line
➢ Meaning of line
➢ Line conveying emotion
➢ Types of line use
➢ Line creating pattern


➢The Color Wheel
➢ Primary Colors
➢Secondary Colors
➢Tertiary Colors
➢Color Schemes: Monochromatic, Analogous, Triadic, Complimentary, and Split-Complementary.
➢ Warm and Cool Colors


➢ Texture types
➢ Different textures
➢ Drawing texture
➢ Drawing techniques
➢ Texture rubbings


➢ What shape means
➢ Types of shape
➢ Negative and positive space
➢ How shapes can be used
➢ Creating polygonal geometric art

Shape and Form

➢Shape: circle, square, rectangle, triangle
➢Form: Sphere, cube, cylinder, pyramid
➢Geometric Shapes
➢Geometric Forms
➢Organic Shapes
➢Organic Forms


➢Understanding form
➢ Shading form
➢ Understanding light source and shadow
➢ Shading form using value scales
➢ Shading form using different drawing techniques
➢ Shading an organic form


It includes value scales using:
➢ Primary Colors
➢Secondary Colors
➢Tertiary Colors
➢Line: Scribble, stippling, hatching, cross-hatching, zig zag


➢ Types of space in art
➢ Different examples of space
➢ Composition
➢ How space conveys meaning
➢ One point perspective
➢ Two-point perspective

This 80-page bundle includes both example handouts and activity worksheets.

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