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This Music and Art Activities bundle includes handouts, worksheet, lesson plans, rubrics and PowerPoint Presentation. The project is designed to take the student on a journey through painting by music and to engage in the art and music elements. The students will create their own portrait collage with paintings created while listening to music. It includes:

Youtube Video content

➢ How to draw to music
➢ Norah Jones – Come away with me
➢ Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk


➢ W. Kandinsky Paintings

➢ Benon Lutaaya Portrait Collage

➢ Abstract Painting Examples

➢ Portrait Collage Examples


➢The Color Wheel
➢ Primary Colors
➢Secondary Colors
➢Tertiary Colors
➢Color Schemes: Monochromatic, Analogous, Triadic, Complimentary, and Split-Complementary.
➢ Warm and Cool Colors


➢ Types of Line

➢ Meaning of Line

➢ Characteristics of Line

➢ Emotions Line evokes


➢ W. Kandinsky Painting and Quote

➢ Benon Lutaaya portrait Collage and Quote
➢ 6 Steps/Activities


➢ Paint to Music Self-Portrait Rubric

Lesson Plans

➢Prior Learning


➢Learning objectives and outcomes



➢Step by step lesson instruction

➢List of planned discussion questions


➢Future lesson expansion

➢Expectation Task/Activity

➢Accommodating learners that need special attention (open space)


➢Self-Reflection on lesson design

PLEASE NOTE: This lesson plan is based on the SOUTH AFRICAN CAPS system. I have attached it as a word document to ensure adjustments can be made according to the curriculum you may follow.

This 47 page project bundle has everything you need to enjoy a 6-10 hour project. This project can be done with homework assignment to take home should you have limited time (approx. 3 one hour lessons), however it can be used over 6-10 one hour lessons should you prefer to cover the content in class.

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