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Resource Description

The TP-CASTT poetry analysis poster is a comprehensive guide to analyzing poetry using the TP-CASTT method. This poster is designed to help students, teachers, and poetry enthusiasts understand and analyze poems with ease. The poster features a clear and easy-to-read layout, breaking down the TP-CASTT method into its key components: Title, Paraphrase, Connotation, Attitude, Shift, Title, and Theme. With detailed explanations and examples, this poster makes it easy to understand and apply the TP-CASTT method to any poem. Hang it up in your classroom or study space for quick reference and inspiration. The poster is perfect for both students and teachers, it will help to improve critical thinking skills and deepen the understanding of poetry. With TP-CASTT Poetry Analysis Poster, you will be able to analyze any poem like a pro.

Resource Reviews

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Very useful for learners to remember when analysing poetry.

Jean Coleman - January 20, 2024


Thank you for this easy poster

Christelle de Villiers - March 6, 2023