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Double Dare

· with -FF, -LL, -SS at the end of words

This 21-page product thoroughly explores the spelling of words ending with the consonants ‘f, l, and s.’

All grammatical terms are explicitly explained, as the material delves into the FLoSS spelling rule and its exceptions. This is one of the first spelling generalizations that early graders use. It is a fairly simple phonics rule to grasp and students catch on quickly. The material is fully guided. 

The systematic, multi-sensory approach enhances comprehension, literacy and phonemic awareness. Students will become aware of what ‘’looks right’’.

Activities include word banks, word sorting, gap-fill sentences, synonyms, counting syllables, word meanings and read-rhyme sentences. The product has been carefully designed to engage learners from the outset. 


The inclusion of a Word Search puzzle, a game and cut-out cards for revision provides variation and learning enjoyment. 

Suitable for: Grade 2 and above, home-schooling, ESL.

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