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Motivating learners to take charge of their own learning

School reports have not changed much since my own schooling years in the 1960s. They continue to be ‘log positions’ in the race to the top one or the top three. For a few learners, this is quite motivating (or the system would have changed a long time ago). However, there can only be one […]

Using colour to foster learning

As Joseph Addison said, ‘colour speaks all languages’. I truly believe that colour is a language on its own. Why should learning be dull and boring paragraphs, with lines and lines of sentences? My mission is to speak a colourful language full of pictures that draw children’s attention. Working in the ECD sector (creche and […]

Why education systems should build environmental ethics into every subject

Bellarmine Nneji, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education One of the goals most of the world has agreed on is education for sustainable development. This means development that considers present concerns without compromising the interests of future generations. Nations develop through education that takes care of the present and the future. As I have argued […]

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