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Ten frame maths

I am very disappointed. I thought I bought something to use - instead I need to create my own and need a computer degree to do this. I expected an user friendly resource ready to use. I spend money to save time not to sit for hours to figure out what to do

Mariza Schoeman- June 20, 2023 Counting 10 Frame GIFs – Animated Clipart – Ten Frames Clip Art


This is great quality and i highly recommend

Teacha Rebecca Williams- March 1, 2023 FREEBIE Halves Fractions Clipart and Animated GIF Clipart


The resource is of good quality. I can used it to make cute classroom resources. Thank you

Springangel Work- February 4, 2023 Alphabet and Numbers Font Clipart FREEBIE


Not quite what I expected. Thank you

Melinda Niepage- December 19, 2022 FREEBIE Tugboat Clipart and Animated Clipart


Love it. Thank you so much.

Melinda Niepage- December 19, 2022 Alphabet and Numbers Font Clipart FREEBIE


You have no idea how this is going to help my grandson. Thank you and please know that his trouble with fractions are now over.

Yahuwa's Warrior- September 16, 2022 Spring Fractions Activity FREE SAMPLE – Matching Game – Halves to Fifths

It warms my heart to hear you say that! Thank you for reaching out and letting me know - I am so happy that you like this resource and that it will be helpful to you and your grandson :)

Colleenscosmiccollection - November 29, 2021