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Grade 4 Term 4 exam resources  Teacha!

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Natural Sciences and Technology




Term 4 Summaries for Natural Science and Technology. Text book used for summaries: Platinum Subjects covered: 1 Features of Earth 2 The Earth and Space 3 The Sun is our closest star 4 Moving around the Sun 5 The Sun and Life 6 Features of the Moon 7 Phases of the Moon 8 Moon Stories 9 Modelling a rocket Breakdown of subjects covered: 1 The Earth is round and made of rock / The Earth's surface has land, water and air / Most of Earth's surface is covered in water. 2 Earth is a planet in Space / From Earth we can see the Sun, Moon and Stars. 3 The Sun is a Star / The Sun gives heat and light / The Sun is big / The Sun is far away / The Sun is our closest star / The Sun provides heat and light for living things on Earth. 4 The Earth moves around the Sun in a pathway called an orbit / The Sun is a star and at the centre of the Solar System / The Earth is one of 8 planets in the Solar System. 5 The Sun and Life / Light from the Sun starts the Energy Chain / Heat from the Sun helps living things have enough warmth / Heat from the Sun is important for the Water Cycle. 6 Features of the Moon / The Moon is a ball of rock in space / There is no air and water on the Moon / The Moon is smaller than the Earth / The Moon is closer to the Sun than the Earth. 7 The Sun's light shines on the surface of the Moon / The Moon Features / Phases of the Moon. 8 Different stories about the moon from different cultures / San Story / Tswana Story / Xhosa Story / Suthu, Venda and Tswana Story 9 Features of a Rocket / What makes a balloon move? / Science in History / Isaac Newton / Rockets are propelled by hot gases. Designed by My Skool Goeters - 2019




Grade 4 History: Full year Summaries booklet - PDF printable study guide for tests & exams


Looking for a useful resource to help your learners or child prepare for Grade 4 History tests and exams?

This 45-page printable summary booklet includes all four terms of study, is well-organized, easy to understand, and visually appealing. This will assist children in studying for tests or exams without being overwhelmed.

Product details:

  • Can be printed as a whole, by term, or as individual pages. The booklet is also printer compatible, so no wasted ink!
  • On average, one theme is examined per page.
  • Each term is around ten pages long.
  •           45-page printable PDF
  •           Mainly summarized from Platinum learner book, but additional books were also utilised in preparation.
  • CAPS aligned

The booklet content is specified at the bottom.

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 Grade 4 History (CAPS) Content


1.1: How we find out about the present in a local area   

1.2:  History of a Local Area       


2.1: What makes a good leader?             

2.2: Nelson Mandela: A good leader       

2.3  Mahatma Gandhi   


Introduction to Transport          

3.1 Transport on land: Animals 

 3.2 Transport on land:  The wheel and the cart 

3.3 Transport on land: Wagons and Coaches      

3.4 Transport  on land:  Bicycles

3.4 Transport  on land:  Steam Engine and Train

3.6 Transport on land: The motor car     

3.7 Modern Transport: 

3.8 Transport on Water: Boats and Ships &  The Titanic  

3.9 Transport in the Air 


Introduction: What is Communication? 

4.1:  The San & the oldest forms of communication        

4.2   The Postal System 

4.3   The Radio 

 4.4: The first Typewriter            

4.5:  The Telegraph

4.6:  The Telephone      

4.7:  The Camera            

4.8:  The Television        

4.9:  The Computer, Internet, and Cell phone      

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