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This interactive 17 slide PowerPoint , “Rules and Usage of the semicolon”, guides you and your learners through the basics of how to use a semicolon. This PPT Includes examples and practice of the correct usage the semicolons. A fantastic resource that clearly demonstrates how to use semi-colons accurately! 

Three rules of the semicolon:
To use a semi-colon to join two clauses, which closely related ( in the place of a coordinating conjunction).
To use a semi-colon to separate items in a serial list.
To use a semicolon that links a clause to another closely related clause using a conjunctive adverb.

In addition, there is a differentiated worksheet and animated memorandum in PPT format, which is printable and easy to edit. These activities are a great way to get learners to identify how semi-colons can be used. Activities include identifying conjunctions, rewriting sentences by replacing conjunctions with semi-colons, writing the first or second clause on either side of a semi-colon, inserting semicolons correctly into serial lists and using semicolons in conjunction with conjunctive adverbs.

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