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So much is happening in Wonderland today. Alice is going through a maze and we need to help her get to the end. During her journey she drinks potion and grows bigger, rabbits are jumping out of hats and card guards are trying to play games with us.

This interactive lesson consists of:

– Building “th” words

– Reading “th” sentences

– Finding “th” words in sentences

– Sorting “th” words according to the sound in the beginning or end of the word

– Writing sentences with “th” words

– Finding the hidden “th” words

– Reading “th” words

– Identifying which words have a “th” sound

– Fill in the missing “th” word in a sentence

– Identifying the “th” picture

– Memory game matching pictures and words

Did Alice make it to the end of the maze? What did she find along her way?

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Slides: 23

Subject: English

Content: Phonics

Format Type: PowerPoint Presentation

Suitable for: Grade 1 – 2

Group size: Unlimited

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