Grade 12 Term 4 Teaching Resources

Grade 12 Term 4 teaching resources  Teacha!

Get your Grade 12’s ready for Term 4 with these teaching resources! Whether your students are in the classroom or at home, our curated collection of worksheets, study guides, tests, and more covers all learning areas. Empower your students with resources designed to enhance their understanding and make learning engaging wherever they are.

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Physical Science


Grade 12 Physical Science Learner Notebook from which to study for tests and exams throughout year.


Learner Notebook:

  • If our Grade 12 PowerPoint slides are used in class by the teacher on a regular basis, or if learners have access to these slides, this Learner Notebook is a summary of every slide for the whole curriculum and is ideal from which to study for tests and exams throughout the year - without the learner having to make notes for themselves from the slides or from the textbook - what a bonus!
  • Excellent for printing - only 87 pages covering the whole curriculum!
  • Design & print your own cover for the book
  • Even if the slides are not used by the teacher in class, learners can still use this book from which to study at home.
  • One Learner Notebook can be purchased by the teacher, duplicated at school and distributed to every learner in the class.
  • If necessary, learners can be asked to pay for the printing costs of their book and they will thus take more serious ownership of the book if they have had to pay something towards the cost of the book.
  • The teaching and learning of these critical subjects is most effective if the teacher uses the PowerPoint slides in class every day, the learners have the Learner Notebook open on the desk in front of them while the teacher is teaching and they can add any additional notes written on the board by the teacher and then the Learner Notebook is used at home from which to revise the daily work and to prepare for tests and exams throughout the year.
  • This pedagogy is being used with amazing results at many schools in South Africa!
Now consider the following:
  • Ordering 5 - 10 key chapters in animated PowerPoint      OR
  • Ordering the complete Curriculum of 34 chapters in animated PowerPoint for classroom teaching or use at home!