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A4 PDF Aflaaibare opsommings vir Kwartaal 4 vir EBW vanuit VANDAG Handboek. Onderwerpe wat opgesom is: 1. Die Produksieproses 2. Spaargeld Uitbreiding van wat opgesom is per onderwerp: 1. Sleutelwoorde / Wat is Produksie? / 3 Stadiums in die Produksieproses / Insette en Uitsette / Insette (Produksiefaktore/Grondstowwe) / Insette Diagram / Uitsette (Goedere en Dienste) / Volhoubare gebruik van Hulpbronne / Hernubare en Niehernubare Hulpbronne / Voorbeelde van Hernubare Hulpbronne / Voorbeelde van Niehernubare Hulpbronne / Volhoubaarheid / Strategie vir die volhoubare gebruik van Hulpbronne / Die betekenis van Ekonomiese Groei / Ekonomiese Groei in Suid-Afrika / Strategie om Ekonomiese Groei te Stimuleer / Gevolge van Ekonomiese Groei / Produktiwiteit / Verbetering van Produktiwiteit / Strategie om Produktiwiteit te Verbeter / Gevolge van Verbeterde Produktiwiteit / Hoe Produktiwiteit Ekonomiese Groei raak / Tegnologie en die Produksieproses / Wat is Tegnologie? / Voordele en Nadele van die gebruik van Tegnologie in die Produksieproses / Hoe Tegnologie Produktiwiteit Verbeter / Hoe Tegnologie Ekonomiese Groei verbeter. 2 Sleutelwoorde / Persoonlike Spaargeld en Belegging / Waarin kan jy geld belê? / Die doel met spaar / Bankie / Wat is 'n Bank? / 4 Belangrikste Banke in Suid-Afrika / Belangrike Beleggingsbanke in Suid-Afrika / Die Geskiedenis van Banke / Die Rol van Banke / Beweging van Geld / Voorbeeld van beweging van geld / Dienste wat deur Banke aangebied word / Hoe om 'n Spaarrekening by 'n bank te open / Spaarskemas in die Omgewing / Finansiële Instellings / Versekeringsmaatskappye en Pensioenfondse / Organisasies wat Entrepreneurskap bevorder. Ontwerp deur My Skool Goeters @ 2021. My School Stuff / My Skool Goeters

Natural Science and Technology - Grade 4 (Year Package)


Summaries for all the work for the Grade 4 school year. Text book used for summaries: Platinum Summary of subjects covered: 1.1 Living Things 1.2 Non-Living Things 1.3 Structure of Plants 1.4 Structure of Animals 1.5 Conditions for Growth 1.6 Different Habitats 1.7 Animal Shelters 1.8 Animal Shelters are Structures 2.1 Solids, Liquids and Gases 2.2 Change of State 2.3 Measure Temperature 2.4 The Water Cycle 2.5 Raw and Manufactured Materials 2.6 Properties of Materials 2.7 Ways to strengthen materials 2.8 Struts and Frame Structures 3.1 Energy for Life 3.2 Energy from the Sun 3.3 Energy can be stored and transferred 3.4 Input and Output of Energy 3.5 Movement and Musical Instruments 3.6 Vibrations and Sound 3.7 Making Sounds 3.8 Noise Pollution 4.1 Features of Earth 4.2 The Earth and Space 4.3 The Sun is our closest star 4.4 Moving around the Sun 4.5 The Sun and Life 4.6 Features of the Moon 4.7 Phases of the Moon 4.8 Moon Stories 4.9 Modelling a rocket Subject content covered in summaries: 1.1 7 Life Processes / Things looking dead but aren't / What makes things that seem not living come alive? 1.2 Dead things were once living 1.3 Structure of a plant / Plant parts / Differences between plants 1.4 Structure of animals / Animal body parts / Differences between animals / Size and shape / Limbs / Body covering / Sense Organs 1.5 Light / Water / Warmth / Air / Plants grow from cuttings / Plants grow from seeds 1.6 What is a habitat / Grassland / Forest / River / Sea 1.7 Natural Habitat / Animal Shelters can be Natural or Human-made 1.8 Frame structures / Shell Structures / Animal shelters can have different shapes and sizes / Animal shelters can be made out of many different materials. 2.1 Matter / Solid, Liquid, Gas 2.2 Change of State / Melting / Condensing / Evaporating / Solidifying 2.3 Thermometer / How to measure temperature 2.4 The Water Cycle 2.5 Raw and Manufactured materials / sand, glass / clay, ceramics / coal and oil, plastics, paints and fabrics / animal wool and hides, fabrics and leather / wood & fibre from plants, paper. 2.6 Properties of Materials / Hard or Soft / Stiff or Flexible / Strong or Weak / Light or Heavy / Waterproof or Absorbent. 2.7 Strengthen by Folding / Strengthen with Hollow pillars 2.8 Functions of Frame Structures / Struts are joined into triangular shapes / Struts in the Human Skeleton / Different ways to join struts to make stronger structures. 3.1 We use energy for everything we do / We get energy from our food / Energy in food comes from the Sun. 3.2 Energy from the Sun / Energy Chain 3.3 Energy around us / Sources of Stored Energy / Energy can be transferred / Flow Diagram 3.4 Input and Output of Energy / Electrical appliances 3.5 Movement in musical instruments / Types of musical instruments / Musical instruments have parts that move or vibrate / Indigenous African musical instruments (gwashi / Mbila mutondo / umqangala / mbira / horns / drums) 3.6 Vibrations and Sound / Sound waves move outwards from the part that vibrates / How do we hear sound? / The Ear / Hearing and Feeling vibrations. 3.7 More input of energy makes sound louder / High and Low sounds / Pitch 3.8 What is noise pollution? / Volume / Decibles / Hearing-Impaired 4.1 The Earth is round and made of rock / The Earth's surface has land, water and air / Most of Earth's surface is covered in water. 4.2 Earth is a planet in Space / From Earth we can see the Sun, Moon and Stars. 4.3 The Sun is a Star / The Sun gives heat and light / The Sun is big / The Sun is far away / The Sun is our closest star / The Sun provides heat and light for living things on Earth. 4.4 The Earth moves around the Sun in a pathway called an orbit / The Sun is a star and at the centre of the Solar System / The Earth is one of 8 planets in the Solar System. 4.5 The Sun and Life / Light from the Sun starts the Energy Chain / Heat from the Sun helps living things have enough warmth / Heat from the Sun is important for the Water Cycle. 4.6 Features of the Moon / The Moon is a ball of rock in space / There is no air and water on the Moon / The Moon is smaller than the Earth / The Moon is closer to the Sun than the Earth. 4.7 The Sun's light shines on the surface of the Moon / The Moon Features / Phases of the Moon. 4.8 Different stories about the moon from different cultures / San Story / Tswana Story / Xhosa Story / Suthu, Venda and Tswana Story 4.9 Features of a Rocket / What makes a balloon move? / Science in History / Isaac Newton / Rockets are propelled by hot gases. Designed by My Skool Goeters - 2019